The car needs regular maintenance. Is your spring machine maintained?

Published by admin Date:2022-02-20 17:56

When you have a car, I believe you will often maintain your car. This is because the car maintenance concept has been popular, such as changing the oil, replace the filter or change the tire, especially washing, waxing and glazing is needless to say.But, as a valuable commodity, do we have spring machines that cost hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars?

At present, our Dongguan Kaichuang Precision Machinery (refer to KCMCO) spring machine including cnc coiling spring machine, camless spring machine maintenance is the status quo: dirty can not stand, and then go to wipe, when it can not be used to repair, repair when it is not good to buy, and always repeat such a vicious circle. Routine work of the spring equipment does not maintain, the only can be called maintenance work is to oil inside the circuit. In addition, the daily non-stop busy day and night spring machine work also found no problem, once the pause will have a lot of problems; when the machine failure or problems, solve their own hands but not up to the requirements of spring machine manufacturers but also has a certain timeliness maintenance.

As the usual lack of maintenance, we have just bought the spring machine will always appear not durable and precision is not enough, and other phenomena, in addition, there are many cases will be accompanied by irreversible damage. Although the existing computer spring machine are CNC products, but the cohesion of mechanical part can not be ignored, such as the original equipment in the assembly by the cooperation of two parts, the replacement of a single part if the machine repair parts, so it is easy to appear with perfect situation.Finally, the possible problems are: ①the accuracy can not reach the state of the new equipment;②the equipment is more likely to be damaged, broken into, repaired, repaired, and badly damaged. Since then, the use of equipment units and manufacturers will cause unnecessary workload.

In the daily production process, to achieve the spring machine processing of high precision, stable product quality and improve production efficiency, accuracy and performance depends not only on the structure of the machine itself, but also depends on the operator whether the correct use and maintenance of spring machine. Therefore, only by constantly doing machine maintenance and maintenance work, the service life can be prolonged wear cycle machine components and mechanical parts, but also can prevent accidents accidents, so as to ensure the long-term stability of the machine.